Corporate Social Responsibility

Growing together

At WEBCOR Group we recognize that we need to grow our business in a sustainable manner that creates positive tangible social, environmental and economical impact in all locations of operations. Accordingly, we work to integrate the concerns of our communities, workplace and the market place into our core business strategies through engaging our stakeholders in the decision making process.
To this effect, the Group has set a CSR strategy to optimize the impact of our business decisions for the well-being of our communities and stakeholders. We also make sure to absorb the views of our stakeholders and have a thorough understanding of the effect we have on their lives.

This is achieved through engaging our employees, shareholders, business partners, regulators and communities in the decision-making process.

Our CSR Vision

At Webcor Group, we ensure that all our activities are conducted in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, while creating shared values in the communities in which we operate.

Our CSR Mission

To create positive, social, environmental and economic footprints in the markets in which we operate by strategically investing in our CSR Pillars which can be summarized as follows:
Values: Ensuring all our internal operations and employee relations are conducted in line with Webcor Group’s core beliefs.

Community: Addressing the needs of local communities by conducting targeted sustainable initiatives.

Growth: Guaranteeing Webcor Group’s sustainable growth by ensuring that our products fully comply with our Quality Assurance system and by building strong relationships with our customers.

Environment: Managing our environmental footprint across our operations.

Our CSR Strategy

Our CSR Strategy is built on four platforms that cut across the Group


At Webcor Group, we value our human capital. This is why an important part of our CSR strategy is focused on our internal operations, namely those related to our employees.
Our aim is to attract talent and, most importantly, to retaining them. We recognize that employees are most productive when they achieve a work-life balance. Therefore, we aim to assist them in meeting their responsibilities inside and the work environment.
We nurture a culture of openness and transparency with our employees and always seek their feedback, to make sure their concerns are addressed when and where possible.

Our workforce is diverse and we value all our employees for their distinctive abilities and individual contribution. We strive to employ local talent in all the markets where we operate and provide them with customized training programs to help develop their skills to the fullest. We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all, irrespective of gender, religion, race or nationality.


As responsible corporate citizens, we aim to make a positive contribution in the communities in which we operate by providing support and assistance where we can and in ways that are aligned with our business.
We strive to be an integral part of the local communities. In this respect, we offer opportunities to our employees so that they become active members in their own communities. We assist our employees in volunteering with local charities, whereby they can directly engage in social causes.
In line with our understanding of the social challenges facing our communities, we aim to contribute to healthy living by focusing on nutrition. We do so by improving the nutritional properties of our products. To this end, we will be offering labeling with nutritional details and values on all our products by end of 2016.


Our CSR strategy supports Webcor Group’s overall strategy for achieving sustainable growth and gaining effective brand recognition. We do this by ensuring that all our products are of excellent quality and comply with our rigorous Quality Assurance system throughout all the phases of the supply chain. We acknowledge that our responsibility towards our consumer consists in providing them with a wide range of products with a competitive edge.
We also recognize that our duty towards our customer lies in guaranteeing the ongoing availability and accessibility to our products by expanding our distribution network.


We are committed to managing and minimizing our impact on the environment across all our operations. We believe that growing in sustainable manner will guarantee the livelihoods of the generations to come. To this effect, Webcor Group is currently rolling out a recycling program in all its offices. Energy conservation within the communities we operate in are also in the pipeline.