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GMA’s Inauguration – Grandes Moagens de Angola
On May 26th GMA – Grandes Moagens de Angola inaugurated an industrial unit that is both very relevant for the Angolan economy context and for the Angolans, since it will be producing a fundamental asset for the people’s day to day.
The GMA – Grandes Moagens de Angola is a result of the combination of national will and capital that saw the potential of this investment through the opportunities it presents for the future of Angola’s economy. Founded on modernity as well in the retention of technical and technological knowledge in the country, it will also contribute to national wealth, by lowering importations and creating national jobs.

This project was born with the purpose of fulfilling a very relevant mission. The supply of almost the entire market with a commodity essential for the Angolan people's food chain.

Besides its relevance, GMA - Grande Moagens de Angola also reflects the commitment of the shareholders to the country and the Angolan people, in a collective effort that is being undertaken at national level for the diversification of the economy.

Adding to the above, the output of GMA industry will benefit the Angolan economy and will become a fundamental tool for the creation of an Angolan agroindustry cluster.
GMA - Grande Moagens de Angola wants to be a pioneer in the diversification of the Angolan economy, evolving from import to industrialization and local transformation of the raw materials to satisfy the basic food needs of the Angolan population.

GMA - Grande Moagens de Angola will produce wheat flour more efficiently, guaranteeing and controlling the quality along the value chain, from the origin of the raw material to the baking, thus allowing higher quality bread to reach the consumer at affordable prices.

The company will create more than 150 direct jobs and hundreds of additional jobs that will be indirectly linked to GMA’s activity, given the associated supply chain and the resulting vertical integration.

GMA also aim to supply about 60% of the total consumption needs of the Angolan population through a processing capacity of 1,200 tons of wheat, producing about 930 tons of wheat flour and 260 tons of bran per day.

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