Company Profile

The Webcor Group, founded by the entrepreneur A. N. Nesr, was created in 1978.

Company Profile
Since 1978, when the Webcor Group was created, founded by the entrepreneur A. N. Nesr, we have followed a path of sustained growth that has made us one of Africa’s leading players in the agricultural commodities and the so-called FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) business line.
This result has been achieved through a conviction put into practice every day: That experience must be indistinguishable from quality and dimension should always be associated with effectiveness.
We have a worldwide presence and over 3,200 dedicated employees, responsible for thousands of daily operations.
This worldwide dimension of Webcor Group is the result of an accumulated experience of over almost three decades managing a wide portfolio of leading brands, products and services.
Culture and Values
At the Webcor Group we do not forget our basic values; integrity and transparency, the commitment and dynamic involvement of our employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders. These values are constant in our day-to-day operation and they ensure activity based on the pillars of innovation and the superior quality of our goods and services.
We respect and actively contribute to a better environment, both physical and human.
In a market that is ever-changing and constantly evolving, this set of convictions and practices serves as our guide for each step of our business, which adds to the admiration and respect of our stakeholders.
To be the best provider of healthy and affordable products.
The vision of the Webcor Group is to become a major African food industrialist dominating the value chain from product to consumer.
5 Pillars for Success
The Mission of the Webcor Group is based on five essential pillars:

We put consumers first and foremost by providing them with high-quality health products at affordable prices, tailored to local consumption trends.
We exceed the expectations of our customers with constant innovation and by presenting flexible and economically efficient solutions.
We are continuing with sustained growth through the expansion and consolidation of our brands in all of the markets in which we operate.
We contribute to the communities in which we operate, being an active part in retail business growth, directly and indirectly creating jobs at the local level and consistently investing in social and sustainability projects.
We practice what we preach and we do not forgo the constant involvement of our employees, business partners and other stakeholders.