Our Ventures

Angola is the largest market of the Webcor Group. We operate in partnership with AngoAlissar, one of the largest food distribution companies in the country.
Founded in 1992 and based in the capital, Luanda, AngoAlissar employs 2,248 professionals, 95% of whom are local talent.
AngoAlissar is the leader in Angola in the distribution of fast-moving consumer goods and products (FMGC), we are the trusted choice of global brands with the representation of Danone yoghurts and waters, Johnson & Johnson, Mendes Gonçalves (Paladin), Gallo, Arcor, Fromageries Bel and many others. In addition to these, we exclusively import and distribute more than 300 brands – 600 SKU’s.
We market and distribute products to locations in 12 provinces of Angola. We strive to go even further by constantly looking for innovative solutions that make the distribution of our products even more efficient.
Besides this very wide network of distribution channels, we have 88 points-of-sale scattered throughout 12 provinces of Angola.
The success of our business is built on a long-term relationship basis with all our partners, brand owners, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, stakeholders and end consumers.

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Intermarket is a supermarket chain established in 1987 in Angola and acquired by ORA, the retail arm of Webcor Group, in 2015. With 30 years of market knowledge, the company has earned the trust and loyalty of consumers thanks to its wide variety of quality products, freshly sourced by food experts and made available at affordable prices.
The supermarket's flagship store in the heart of the city caters to both expatriates and locals, offering them local and international brands alike.
Strategically, Intermarket aims at becoming one of the top 5 companies in the retail industry across Sub-Saharan Africa in the coming 10 years by opening new branches in key locations and exceeding consumer expectations through innovation, customer care, and excellence.
Today, Intermarket enjoys superior brand equity sustained throughout the years based on its strong commitment to its customers, employees and suppliers with whom it shares strong bonds built on mutual respect, transparency and dedication.
IMEX is an Angolan company specialized in the manufacture of products using the rotational molding, polyethylene products such as angle brackets, urban barriers, cones, septic tanks, pallets, buckets and waste pipes.
IMEX is a pioneer in the creation of water and diesel tanks in various capacities and shapes, sold under the brand HIPO, which is dedicated to supplying stores and construction companies. HIPO is the brand that sells PVC and HDPE pipes in various diameters and pressures.
IMEX is also one of the largest manufacturers of mattresses and pillows in Angola, providing through the SMARTFLEX brand a vast line of superior quality foam, springs and pocket springs products.
Grande Moagens de Angola – GMA
By contributing to the modernization and diversification of the national economy, GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola plays an important role in the Angolan economic strategy.
Support for industrialization and technological modernization are fundamental to GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola’s activity, a strategy which leverages economic development in the pursuit of sustainable projects and investments.
The main activity of GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola is industrial wheat milling, the only company to carry out this activity at the national level in Angola. As such, GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola represents a structural project of national significance, producing enormous benefits for the economy and the Angolan people.
In transforming wheat into flour, a basic commodity for the country’s food sector, GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola provide one of the basic necessities for the Angolan population.
Mendes Gonçalves Angola – MGA
Webcor Group and the Portuguese company Mendes Gonçalves (MG) launched in 2016 a partnership in Angola. The two entities partnered for the construction and operation of “Mendes Gonçalves Vinegar & Sauces”, MG’s first-ever vinegar and sauces production plant outside of Portugal. The facilities are located at the Viana Industrial Development Hub, in Angola. Worth 3 million euros, this investment aims at catering to market demand in terms of vinegar production and to diversify the factory’s production line to include a wide range of sauces.
Economically speaking, the project is impactful. In the light of the country’s effort to diversify its economy, the new Mendes Gonçalves factory bring invaluable opportunities to the local workforce, employing already more than 200 people. Even more, the project is also perfectly aligned with the country’s strategy to support locally-made products since the new merchandise will be made in Angola and distributed throughout the African continent and with full growth potential.
Pasta Berruto
Pasta Berruto S.p.A. was established in December 2004 as a result of a merger between two pasta factories, ARRIGHI S.p.A. and ITALPASTA S.p.A. Both were owned by the Berruto family, whose culinary tradition encompasses the cereal market and the pasta manufacturing industry.
Today, PASTA BERRUTO S.p.A. exports to more than 95 countries around the world in addition to Italy. The strategic alliance was established with the entry as a shareholder of the Webcor Group in 2007, opening up business opportunities in the markets of Africa and the Middle East.
Berruto family for the marketing and distribution of their pastas.
All these partnerships capitalize from our proven experience and successful operations of brand and product development in the Angolan market. Our relationship with our partners is based on a long-term strategic goal and our proven track record across the years has demonstrated double digit growth year over year.