• IMEX weaves a new thread through Angola’s industrial fabric as it gears up to become sub-Saharan Africa’s largest raffia bag manufacturer

    out 2021

    Having launched its woven polypropylene raffia bag production line in 2019 and doubling production after a year to meet demand, IMEX is set to triple its production capacity in October this year, making it the largest bag producer in sub-Saharan Africa.


    IMEX, which began producing polypropylene raffia bags in Angola in 2019 and doubled production within a year to meet domestic demand, is set to triple its production, putting it at the forefront of this growing business segment.


    With a US$9.5 million investment in state-of-the-art equipment, IMEX will start producing cement bags, leno bags and jumbo bags – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) used for the transportation and storage of fertilizers, food, construction materials and agricultural goods. A production capacity of 60 million bags a year and 70% coverage of current market needs will make IMEX Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest bag manufacturer as of October 2021.


    With Africa’s industrialization at the top of the continent’s development agenda, IMEX is a beacon for the rest of the region and sub-Saharan Africa as a whole. As countries begin or continue to boost local production and processing of commodities generally exported in their raw state, packaging plays an increasingly vital and integral role in the supply chain. According to IMEX Management, as the food, agriculture, and construction sectors continue to develop, packaging is one of the fastest-growing industries in Angola.


    “We are an established manufacturer in the country known for the quality of the vast array of products we supply, say IMEX Business Development Manager Saleed Salameh.  “Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting and preserving the product from harmful rays, dust or moisture during transportation and storage. IMEX works with its customers as part of our extended team, learning about them and their challenges and anticipating trends and future requirements. From all types of packaging requirements to personalizing your bags with your logos, we can create exactly the solution you need for your business.”


    Industrial development not only strengthens a country’s industrial fabric but has a knock-on effect across human development and quality of life. Thus, IMEX’s investments in innovation and improvements at its production facilities also increase overall labor productivity and lower prices, leading to higher real incomes and sustainable job creation, underscoring the company’s importance in the economic landscape.