• Committed to closing the education gap through the Ali Nesr Educational Program on International Day of Education

    jan 2022

    Education is key to sustainable development, as highlighted by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal number 4, which aims to "ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all" by 2030. It was with this in mind that, in 2016, Mr. Ali Nehme Nesr, founder and chairman of Webcor, set up the Ali Nesr Educational Program (ANEP) Fund for the benefit of the children of Webcor employees.


    International Day of Education is dedicated to everyone's fundamental right to education which contributes to building a more sustainable, inclusive and peaceful future. Webcor is proud to play its role in the important transformations that higher education brings about, by providing annual university scholarships for employees' children through the Ali Nesr Educational program (ANEP).


    Established in 2016 by Webcor Founder and Chairman, Mr. Ali Nesr, the ANEP offers high academic performers among the sons and daughters of Webcor's employees a chance to pursue an undergraduate degree at prestigious institutions by providing full scholarships to support their goals.


    The ANEP scholarships are granted annually to candidates selected by the ANEP committee, which also oversees the students' performance and reassesses the grant for the following years according to the students' academic performance. To date, the ANEP has granted 63 scholarships, of which 34 are active scholarships, for a total investment of US$750,000.


    However, the program's input doesn't stop with the disbursement of funds or at the university gates. Throughout their 4-year scholarship program, the ANEP also provides students with guidance and support by assigning mentors and advisors to help them successfully navigate and make the most of their college experience.


    In addition, all students undertake a yearly summer internship program that allows them to develop their technical skills, during which they are mentored and trained by Webcor employees.


    For many, this brings an invaluable and enriching dimension to their academic life and contributes to positive outcomes as they go on to pursue post-graduate degrees or begin their careers. For Webcor, ANEP represents its commitment to support its people and their families' growth and foster economic stability for society.