• Webcor Group Elevates Commitment to Sustainability and ESG Excellence through Strategic Partnership with ERM

    set 2023

    Luanda, 25 September 2023 - In a momentous stride towards advancing sustainability and bolstering corporate responsibility, Webcor Group, a prominent player in agro-industrial food production and distribution, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), a globally acclaimed authority in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) consultancy. This alliance signifies a pivotal juncture in Webcor Group's unwavering dedication to forging a more sustainable and responsible future.


    "Beyond the mere formulation of strategies, our intent is to seamlessly integrate them into the very DNA of our organizational operations," remarked Fabian Olivieto, Industry Director at Webcor Group, underscoring the significance of this collaborative endeavor.


    From its headquarters in Geneva, Webcor Group has steadfastly championed sustainability and corporate responsibility throughout its illustrious 40-year journey. The partnership with ERM serves as a potent affirmation of this commitment, positioning Webcor Group as a vanguard of sustainable business practices not only in Angola but across the African continent.

    Hiba Nesr, Director of Sustainability and Communications at Webcor Group, radiated enthusiasm for this pioneering collaboration, asserting, "The Webcor-ERM partnership furnishes us with a unique opportunity to distinguish ourselves and lead the way in the realm of sustainability. Together, we are poised to establish new benchmarks for responsible corporate conduct."


    The project unfolds across three distinct phases: an initial stage devoted to pinpointing areas of maximum and enduring impact, guided by insights from both internal and external stakeholders; a subsequent phase dedicated to crafting a comprehensive and efficacious action plan, buoyed by ERM's expert counsel; and, finally, the assimilation of internationally recognized standards and regulations, accentuating transparency through robust sustainability reporting.


    Bisher Al Khalidi, the Group's Executive Director of Audit and Risk Management, articulated the paramount importance of transparency, stating, "Transparency is the linchpin for building trust with our stakeholders. We intend to harmonize our sustainability reporting with globally acknowledged standards such as GRI and SASB, along with other performance metrics. This strategic alignment will facilitate effective communication of our sustainability efforts and performance to stakeholders who deeply value the intrinsic worth of sustainable practices."


    Notably, Webcor Group's commitment to sustainability extends far beyond this transformative partnership with ERM. Whether in the realms of agro-industrial operations or Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) ventures across Africa and beyond, the organization is already leaving an indelible, positive imprint.


    For instance, Webcor Group champions responsible resource management programs, as exemplified by their ambitious goal of achieving a minimum 3% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste by 2024. Furthermore, they actively promote diversity and inclusion, foster community awareness and citizenship, and prioritize employee health and safety. Ethical and transparent policies are woven into their corporate fabric to mitigate corruption risks, ensure stringent legal compliance, and prevent legal infringements.


    About Webcor Group: Webcor Group is a leading agro-industrial company specializing in food production and distribution. With a legacy spanning over four decades, the organization is at the forefront of promoting sustainability and responsible business practices across the African continent and beyond, supported by experienced teams and a commitment to industry best practices.

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