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  • Who We Are

    Leveraging our expertise & experience in global trade and distribution
    We have come a long way since 1978, when we first started out as a small textile shop in Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Leveraging our expertise and experience in global trade and distribution, we are now a market and industrial leader within the sectors of soft commodities and FMCGs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    The Webcor of today is a result of many years of hard work and persistence, tirelessly working hand in hand with our African counterparts. It is a corporate family business with a strong sense of identity and solid family values at its core.

Based in Angola, our expanding distribution network and agro-industrial investments into Mozambique, DRC, and other African countries make us a strategic partner in the continent's growth and increasing prosperity.

With trading and sourcing offices in Europe and the Middle East, we work as a single company globally, focusing on the key attributes of sourcing, trading, production, distribution, and retail.

Through these synergies, we offer customers the high-quality – and highly affordable – products they want.

Our company's size may have changed over the years, but one underlying element has stayed the same: trusting, respectful relationships with our employees, suppliers, business partners, and customers.

  • Our shared vision and common goals leverages the strength of our people and our organizational alignment, ensuring we never losing sight of creating what is most important: shared value.
  • "Africa has been home to us for many generations. This history has made us passionate, even emotional, about the well-being of the region. As a family business, we value the importance of strong personal bonds and building lifetime relationships with everyone we work with. We want our legacy to extend beyond our personal lifetimes. Our goals are larger than just the business itself."
    - Wissam Nesr, CEO
  • Our Values
    Our company is driven by a set of values that permeate every layer of decision-making and interaction across the Group. They are the true driving force behind the excellence we strive for throughout operations in Africa and beyond.

    Our values are the essence of our identity and the compass for our actions moving forward.

    They serve as the guiding principles for our company: how we think and how we address our employees, our customers, our business partners, and the communities in which we operate. In a market that is constantly evolving and changing, our values are constant, absolute, and timeless.
    • Engage
      We build sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders. We are fully committed to our team, customers, suppliers and community.
    • Accelerate
      We demonstrate remarking flexibility in adapting to diverse and rapidly changing environments. We are quick in implementing innovative solutions that meet market challenges.
    • Glow
      We shine through embracing our family spirit; a spirit that is geared by courage, ethics and integrity.
    • Lead
      We strive to always be pioneers, never failing to push ourselves one step further. We are trendsetters in the emerging markets in which we operate.
    • Empower
      We value our human capital. We find it imperative to build the capabilities of our people and foster entrepreneurship.