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    Over the last four decades, we have established a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities that surround our business, and we are going strong on that understanding to this very day.

    It is this in-depth knowledge that enables us to build a high-functioning value chain that starts at the sourcing of raw materials and ends with the consumer.

    Our competitive advantage relies heavily on the synergies generated by our operating model: driving innovation, cost reduction throughout the supply chain, reduction of time to market, and the agility to respond to sudden changes.
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Our Business Model
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    • Sourcing
      Our sourcing of products and raw materials follows the most stringent social, environmental, and health and safety standards. All our suppliers are required to follow our Code of Conduct.
    • Trading
      Our commodity trading is done out of our Geneva office, globally sourcing, trading and shipping to our African markets.
    • Distributing
      We have partnered with globally recognized brands and alongside our own House of Brands we act as are wholesalers and distributors of FMCG products to offer a wide range of good quality products at affordable prices to the African market.
    • Manufacturing
      In the industrial space we have and are investing heavily in building manufacturing plants. By producing locally we are able to maintain the highest quality at affordable prices, while fostering the local economy. On the ground, we continuously work to be efficient in our warehousing and distribution models.